Top 10 Wire Company in India (2023 List)

Electric wires are an essential part of our daily lives. After all, they are responsible for carrying electricity from power generation units to our homes. However, not all electric wires are equally made. While some are good, many lack durability and long-lastingness. Also, the electric wires industry is an exciting space from the point of view of a stock investor.

So the question is, what are the top 10 wire company in India?

Well, no matter if you are researching about the best wire companies from a customer’s point of view or a stock investor’s point of view.

To find out the top wire or cable companies, I have conducted research using and listed the top companies below:

Top 10 Wire Company in India

1. Polycab India

Polycab India

Polycab India is one of the leading electrical brands in India. The company is also known as the largest manufacturer of wires and cables in India. Thanks to this, it holds the biggest market capitalization as of today, which is 74695.14 cr.

If I talk about Polycab India, the company is known for making a wide range of electrical products, including wires, such as Switches, Fans, Pumps, Lighting, etc.

Talking about wires specifically, for home use, they have their Etrira wallet, which is flame retardant. The cables are made with the highest-grade electrolytic copper & incorporate FlameStop insulation technology.

Polycab India etira

As a result, it keeps your home safe from any accidental electrical accidents and fire emergencies. Plus, the cable offers the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor installations that require working voltages up to 1100V.

2. KEI Industries

KEI Industries

KEI Industries is the second leading wires and cable company in India with a market capitalization of 22641.01 cr.

The company is known for manufacturing the most extensive range of wires and cables across the globe. Talking about their wire and cable ranges, the company is known for manufacturing extra high voltage cables, low voltage cables, ESP cables, house wires, communication cables, and more.

If I talk about their House Wires, they are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Plus, the best unique selling point of the product is that it can handle 85°C operating temperature since they are insulated with a flame-retardant PVC compound.

Plus, the wires are made with 99.97% Electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity.

3. RR Kabel

RR Kabel

RR Kabel is also one of the top 5 wire companies in India. The company holds a market share of around 15169.61 cr.

The company is also known for making a wide range of electrical products, and their offerings are not only limited to wires and cables. Some of their product range includes commercial lighting, fans, home appliances, switches, and more.

Talking about their wire and cable range specifically, the company produces a wide range of wire types such as house wire, CCTV camera cable, FLAT cable, single core flexible cable, etc.

RR Kabel’s FIREX LS0H housewire is one of their best products for domestic usage. It can withstand a temperature range between 15°C to +90°C and has a long-lasting life.

4. Havells

Havells wire company

Havells is one of the well-known Fast Moving Electrical Goods or FMEG companies of India. The company is known to be the major power distribution manufacturer that has both domestic and global presence.

The company holds a market cap of 78,955 cr. Also, it is responsible for managing 4 other brands apart from Havells. Such as Crabtree, Llovd, Standard and REO.

Havells is also known for manufacturing a wide array of products. Such as lighting, appliances, water heaters, and more.

Talking about its wire product specifically, Havells Lifeline Cable is one of the top products in its category.

5. Finolex Cables

finolex cables

Up next, there is the Finolex Cables with a market capitalization of 13320.25 cr. It is one of the top wire manufacturing brands in India, based in Pune Maharastra, and is known to be the flagship company of the Finolex Group.

Finolex Group is also known for making different products, such as Wires and cables, Switches, LED Lights, FAN, and more.

Talking about wires specifically, the company is known for making flame retardant and PVC insulated cables.

6. Plaza Cables

plaza cables

Plaza Cables is another top wire company in India with a market cap of 598 cr. The company was incorporated in 2006, and it is best known for manufacturing and selling wires, marketing LT aluminum cables, and other fast-moving electrical goods.

If I talk about plaza cables specifically, the company manufactures India’s first triple-layer insulated 3D wire that comes with a multilay conductor. Plus, it ensures minimum power loss during high-current transmission.

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