VPSDime Review – How Good The Hosting Provider Is?

vpsdime review

Looking for VPSDime Review? Well if the answer is yes then you are at the right place. On the web, there are many website providers exist that offers cheap VPS hosting. Also, each and every website provider does have a different pricing and features. However, VPSDime is one of the few VPS Hosting providers that are really changing the game. The pricing of VPSDime is amazingly cheap and here comes the question. Is VPSDime really reliable?. As you are reading this article I can assume that you are looking ahead to host your website with VPSDime. But before you really go ahead and host your website them. Here is our VPSDime Review. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting any time:

VPSDime Review – is it really reliable?


VPSDime pricing is quite different from other VPS providers. The cheapest Linux VPN plan holds a price tag of $7.00 per month. The $7.00 plan comes with 4vCPU, 6 GB memory, 30 GB SSD storage. Also, the plan is able to handle to handle traffic up to 2 TB. There are also some other Linux VPS plans and the highest plan is the $42.00 per month. The plan will be able to handle 12 TB of Traffic as it comes with 4vCPU and 36 GB memory. Also, the plan offers you a 180 GB of SSD space. They VPSDime also offers premium VPS hosting and Storage VPS. The premium VPS cheapest plan starts at $20.00 per month and comes with 1 dedicated core, 4 GB of memory and 60 GB of SSD space. Talking about the storage VPS, the cheapest plan starts at $40.00 per month and comes with 1CPU, 1GB of memory and 100GB of storage. Also, it has a limit of 1TB traffic limit.

vpsdime review

Linux VPS features:

  • The Linux VPS comes with popular Linux distros. Such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux and OpenSUSE.
  • Each and every Linux VPS plan comes with full root access.
  • Also, the plans come with SSD storage.

Premium VPS Features:

  • The premium VPS plans come with Preallocated and dedicated blazing 3.3 GHz CPU and memory.
  • The premium VPS is perfect for the industry as it comes with 6 VPS per node which is capable of offering high and consistent performance.

Storage VPS Features:

  • The storage VPS plan comes with popular Linux distros that include Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Scientific Linux, and OpenSUSE.
  • You will get full root access.

VPSDime Pros:

  • VPSDime offers you money back guarantee. However, you have to ask for the refund within 3 days or 72hours since the time you have placed your order.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plan easily, all you have to do is perform a reboot task.
  • Their support is quite great too, you have to wait around 15minutes to get a response from the VPSDime side.

VPSDime Cons:

  • They do not provide IPV6 support.
  • While placing the first order you may have to wait for a while to get the server activated.
  • If you ever run out of bandwidth then VPSDime will suspend your account.

VPSDime Review – Our Thoughts:

VPSDime undoubtedly one of the best VPS hosting provider you can go with. However, if you have any doubts regarding their service. You can simply buy one of their services and test it. If you are satisfied with the service then stay with them. Else you can ask for a refund.

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