How OnePlus become a popular brand as Apple?

Last month we saw that Amazon India listed OnePlus 6 on their website. The Chinese brand OnePlus had launched their first phone at 2014, the first phone was OnePlusOne comes with to Cyanogen OS, and the phone price was 19,999 INR. Though this has come on that with great specs somehow it takes some time to build trust for every new company.

How OnePlus made fans?

One of the best ways to make a good reputation is to deliver a great product as much as possible lowest price. When the OnePlus One launched on that time the phone’s has excellent specification – 5.5′ inch Full HD panel with corning gorilla glass 3, 13MP camera with 4K recording with DCI, For the processor they use that time Snapdragon 801 chip with 3GB of RAM which was great at that time with 3100mAh battery which was a great experience who was own this phone.

Every tech lover want’s excellent hardware and software optimize product at a reasonable price. And the OnePlus play the market strategy here.

Why Apple similarity?

Apple is the first tech company who played fanboying a part of the culture. Every company tries to do a favor by letting their product. Even the motto was classic marketing spiel which sold a “philosophy” rather than a product: “Think Different.” For comparison, OnePlus’ tagline is “Never Settle.”

When Steve Jobs was making the approach by drawing a two-by-two grid. The columns were labeled “Consumer” and “Pro” while the rows were titled “Desktop” and “Portable.”

Samsung is to Apple, Xiaomi is to OnePlus?

More than any other company manufactures Apple and OnePlus always focusing on their upcoming devices what they can implement next.

heOnePlus 6 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2018 not because of some astonishing technology it will unleash on the world, but because of the narrative, OnePlus has managed to build around it.

Most of the phone is with Snapdragon 845 with 8GB of RAM and also a good quality camera with high price no one wants to own. So here OnePlus won the market, and the killer part of “Flagship Killer” seems to be fading away as well.

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