Who Is the No 1 Motovlogger in India in 2023? (Updated List)

Motovlogging is one of the popular categories on YouTube India. After all, who wouldn’t mind watching people take out their bikes and go for an adventure ride?

In recent time, there has been a rise of motovloggers across India. But did you ever wonder who is the no 1 motovlogger in India in 2023?

Well, to come up with the answer, I have looked at the subscriber count of all the Motovloggers on YouTube India and created the below list:

Who Is the No 1 Motovlogger in India?

Data updated on: 27 October, 2023

To find out the no 1 motovlogger in India 2023, we have looked at the subscriber’s count of each vlogger to rank them under top 10. Here is how the data pans out:

1The UK07 Rider7.26M
2Leki Rider6.21M
3Twin Throttlers4.16M
4Mumbiker Nikhil4.06M
5Jatt Prabhjot4.05M
6JS Films3.46M
8Aalyan vlogs1.57M
9BeerBiker Samy1.44M
10RiderGirl Vishakha1.09M

1. The UK07 Rider

The number 1 motovlogger in India, as per the subscriber’s count, has to be The UK07 Rider or Anurag Dobhal, with 7.26 Million subscribers, which is one of the highest in the category.

He comes from a small village of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, and is known for creating Moto-Vlogs. In his channel, he is famously known for creating riding videos with his superbikes and supercars.

The YouTuber is also famously known as Babu Bhaiya, and as of October 2023, he has also participated in Bigg Boss – A famous Indian reality TV show.

2. Leki Rider

leki rider no 1 motovlogger in india 2023

Lakshman Goswami, who runs the YouTube channel called Leki Rider, is the second most followed moto vlogger on YouTube India. The channel currently has a subscriber base of 6.21 Million.

The YouTuber is popularly known for making riding videos across India. Also, compared to other moto vlogging channels, Leki Rider is new to the game, as his channel was created on December 4, 2021.

3. Twin Throttlers

Twin Throttlers no 1 motovlogger in india 2023

The third position of the most famous Motovloggers in India is held by Twin Throttlers with a subscriber count of 4.16 Million, whose real name is Vaikuntha Vasan.

People also know him as TTF Vasan, and he is one of the most famous Tamil YouTubers of India. He is also known for winning an award in the BlackSheep Digital Awards 2022 for the Best Vlogger in the Tamil Youtube Community.

4. Mumbiker Nikhil

mumbiker nikhili motovlogger india

Mumbiker Nikhil, aka Nikhil Sharma, is one of the few early motovloggers in India. A lot of people give credit to Nikhil for popularizing motovlogging in India, and he surely did. However, as per the subscribers count, he stands at the 4th position of the most popular motovlogers of India ranking. His channel, as of today, has a subscriber base of 4.06 Million.

Talking about Mumbiker Nikhil, the vlogger lives in Mumbai, India, and is known for creating travel, lifestyle, and moto vlogs.

5. Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot

Jatt Prabhjot is another famous Indian moto vlogger with a subscriber count of. Before YouTube, Jatt Prabhjot worked as a Software Engineer, and he grew up in New Delhi, India.

In 2017, Prabhjot started his YouTube channel, Jatt Prabhjot, which is his real name, and within a short period of time, he grew on the platform.

He is popularly known for making videos around travel, superbikes, and lifestyle.

6. JS Films

JS Films

Next on the list is JS Films, with a subscriber base of 3.46 Million. The creator is known for making traveling videos while riding his superbike.

If I talk about JS Films, his real name is Jasminder Singh who is an Indian YouTuber, graphic designer, digital content creator, entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

He is also famous for owning multiple superbikes and cars. Some of the superbikes like the Ducati V4S, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, and Kawasaki Ninja-H2 are in his collection.

7. MSK


Next on the list is MSK, aka Mohammed Salim Khan. MSK is one of the most subscribed Moto vloggers from Mumbai, India, with a subscriber count of 1.74 million.

He is known for creating videos around traveling and lifestyle. Like many, MSK also has an inspiring story where he worked as a Tailor for his first job and then did many other jobs before becoming a full-time YouTuber.

8. Aalyan vlogs

Aalyan vlogs

Aalyan vlogs or Aalyan Iqbal is another moto and lifestyle vlogger from India. As of today, he holds a subscriber base of 1.57 Million.

On his channel, he can post videos featuring him riding a wide range of superbikes. Also, he is popularly known for making different modifications on his bikes and making videos around it.

9. BeerBiker Samy

BeerBiker Samy

Samy Ghosh, who runs the YouTube Channel BeerBiker is one of the top subscriber motovloggers in India.

The YouTuber is based out of Kolkata, India, and currently holds a subscriber base of 1.44 Million. Samy is known for creating videos around traveling and bike riding.

10. RiderGirl Vishakha

RiderGirl Vishakha

If you only think riding a bike is a men’s thing, then RiderGirl Vishakha is here to prove you wrong. RiderGirl Vishakha, or Vishakha Fulsunge, is one of the few female motovloggers from India. She also holds the tag of India’s first female moto vlogger.

The YouTuber currently holds a subscriber base of 1.09 Million, and she is based out of Mumbai, India. She is popularly known for making videos about traveling and lifestyle.


As per the subscribers count, The UK07 Rider is the no 1 motovlogger in India 2023. The biker holds a significant following in India and other countries like Nepal and Bhutan.

However, there are many other YouTubers, too, that are shaping the moto vlogging category on YouTube India. So go ahead and check their channel.

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