How to Change Hathway WiFi Password? (Step By Step Guide)

Wondering how to change hathway wifi password? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out.

There is no doubt that Hathway is one of the popular internet service providers available in India. The company is offering its services all across India. However, the thing with every broadband service is that they come with default Wifi Password with your router.

Hence, for security purposes, you may wish to change it. But in case if you have never configured a router and not sure how to change wifi password, then this guide is for you.

In this article, I will be talking about the steps that you have to follow to change the Hathway wifi password. But first, let’s just know why it is important for you to change the default wifi password in the first place.

So here we go:

Why You Should Change Default Hathway Wifi Password?

Changing your default Hathway wifi password is probably the first and the most important things you should do. These days cracking a Wifi password is not ass complicated as it seems. Also, you don’t have to be a hacker to break a wifi password.

There are quite a lot of wifi hacking apps are available for Android which can easily hack any wifi password. Hence, if you are not using a strong and unique password then you are already under a thread.

Hence, you must create a strong wifi password which is hard to crack. So your wifi wont be used by people without your permission.

How to Set Password for Hathway WiFi Router?

hathway broadband password change

Once you have got your Hathway broadband connection, the next step is to create a strong password for your wifi. Setting up your wifi password can be a challenging task, though if you are doing it for the first time. But not to worry, as I have got your back.

However, before you go ahead and start setting up a password for Hathway wifi, you should remember the Router IP address, username and password. So you can easily login to the Router and make the necessary changes.

Anyway, here are all the steps that you have to follow:

1. First of all, connect your computer to the Router using a LAN cable. Also, avoid using a mobile or tablet. As it would not allow you to set up a new password.

2. Then launch any of your favourite browser and go to these following IP addresses: or

3. Once you are on the Router login screen, enter your router username and password. In case if you don’t know the router login credentials, do look at the underneath of your Router. It will have all the login information.

4. Next, you have to go to the Wireless Security Settings or Wireless, depending on which Router you have.

5. Over here, click on Setup Password or Pre-Shared Key.

6. Make sure to use a strong Wifi Password consisting of alphabets, numbers and special numbers. Also, your Wifi Password should be more than 10 characters.

7. Once you have entered your password, click on Apply Changes. That’s it, you have successfully created a wifi password for your Router.

8. Finally, try to connect to wifi using your mobile or any other device and enter the password that you have just created.

If you get connected to the wifi, you are all done. Now you can share the password with your family members or login from any other wifi device.

How to Change Hathway WiFi Password?

Most of the routers have a default IP address of or However, the login IP varies from one Router to another. Luckily, if you flip up your Router, you will find the login details of your Router.

hathway wifi password change

However, no matter what Router you  use, changing hatchway wifi password is not really a challenging task. Of course, the steps can vary for different routers. But yes, you will get a clear idea of where to look in.

Anyway, for a better guide, you can go ahead and follow these steps:

1. First of all connect your mobile or computer to the Wifi using the existing wifi password. Also, if you are on PC, you can use the LAN cable.

2. Then use any of your preferred browsers and go to the Router’s login IP and use your login credentials to login to your Router. Most of the routers have a default username and password as “admin”. So you can try using it.

hathway router ip address

3. After login to the dashboard, you will need to go to the Wireless tab.

hathway admin login

4. Next, you have to go to Wireless Setup and click on Wireless Security.

5. Then from the Wireless Security Settings, you will get to see an option labelled as Pre Shared Key. This pre shared key is your Wifi password.

6. On this text field, you will need to enter your new password and click on the Apply Changes button.

how to change wifi password hathway

Once done, you have successfully changed your hatchway wifi password.


So that was a step by step guide for your question that says how to change hathway wifi password. Now go ahead and try following the above mentioned steps and see if they are working for you or not. Also, if you stuck at any point of time or have any questions, do comment below.

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