Romila Chitturi Tech Talks 

Story of Romila Chitturi –Writer, Awards Winning Blogger and Author.

We at Geek Post, not just try to share news about latest technology happenings or startup stories of upcoming entrepreneurs. But we also focus at bringing inspiring people at our blog and try to share their story. And today we are going to share a story of awards winning Blogger who is a self published Author of two e-books named Romila Chitturi. The Delhi born, Hyderabad settled Romila Chitturi who prefers her Coffee hot, is a strong, independent and self-driven woman who chose to follow her heart of being a…

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We are living in a generation where we can achieve our needs by going digital and adopting the modern technology. Undoubtedly, technology helps us to simplify the process of achieving our needs. But what to do when there are hundred of options avilable for solving your problem ? All you will do is asking people about their opinion on a service. And makes it easy for you. is an end user social comparison platform where users can come and compare anything. The uses public compassion data and some…

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Abhishek Prakash Tech Talks 

Tech Talk With Abhishek Prakash The Founder Of

If you have ever searched anything about Linux or Open Source you might have come across to A blog that is filled with amazing yet useful information about Linux and open source. And in today’s Tech Talk we are going to have a little chat with founder The Abhishek Prakash. Before we really go to our tech talk, let me tell you he is a a software developer with more than 5 years of experience and I am really thankful to him for sharing his words on GeekPost….

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indibeam Tech Talks 

Startup Story Of Indibeam A Web Platform That Let’s You Share Your Story.

We at GeekPost always try to bring up entrepreneur stories and that is why we have a dedicated section called TechTalks. Where we do interview various bloggers and tech YouTubers but today we are sharing a story of an Entrepreneur and his product. Around three years ago, Four guys Rahul Prajapati ,Abhishek Jungi, Jignesh Patel, and Hiren Brahmbhatt right after their exams, met and were discussing work and career over a cup of coffee. It was during that discussion that they realized there was a shortage of experienced content writers…

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android guru Tech Talks 

Tech Talk with The Android Guru.

Youtube is the next big trend in our country, especially the arrival of Jio has taken things to another level.You can literally find anything on Youtube, we at Geek post are interviewing people who made a mark on the internet with their Youtube channel or blog.This week we caught up with Anubhav Roy aka The Android Guru, his Youtube channel has 85k+ subscribers at the time we did this interview. Let’s find out how  Anubhav Roy became The Android Guru Q.1 Tell us about yourself Anubhav –  I’m an 18-year-old tech…

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Tech Talks 

Coding with Belal Khan from

Welcome to anther episode of Tech Talk where we interview people. And in today’s tech talk episode we will be sharing our recent talk with Belal Khan the founder of a blog that teach people how to code Android Applications. Introduction of  Coding Expert: Name : Belal Khan Website :     1.Tell us about yourself.  Belal – I am Belal Khan, a 23 year old guy from Ranchi, Jharkhand. I am pursuing Masters in Computer Applications from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi. 2. How Simplified coding was started? Belal…

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Tech Talks 

Tech Talk With Sharun Mittal from 24×7 Techie.

In India there are many aspiring bloggers or Youtuber and We at GeekPost always try to bring them on our blog. Who made a mark in the field of tech. Recently we had a conversation with Mr. Sharun Mittal from 24×7 Techie. Who has helped many people buying a new phone. Introduction Of Tech Expert: Youtuber : Sharun Mittal Channel – 24×7 Techie.   Q1. Tell us something about yourself ? Sharun – I am 22,2 time college dropout and A big tech nerd .I  also Love to drive, no matter the distance I drive….

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neeraj mishra Tech Talks 

Weekly Tech Talk With Neeraj Mishra From

In India, there are many people who’s running a popular blog or a YouTube channel and we at Geekpost always try to bring those tech entrepreneurs on our blog and share their story. Recently we had a talk with Neeraj Mishra,  who has helped millions of students learn to code through his blog and I would really like to say thanks to him for being so humble and agreeing up for this interview and I  hope you guys would love to read about his thoughts. In this interview we are…

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suraj Tech Talks 

Youtubing & Tech Explaining With Suraj From Tech Devoted.

There are many people who wants to come up with a tech blog or a tech vlog, but most of them can’t really come up with one the problem is they are afraid of failure or maybe society. But we got your back, here’s a little bit inspiration for everyone who wants to contribute in a world of technology. Recently we Interviewed Mr. Suraj  the Founder of Tech Devoted, he runs a youtube channel and more than 26K people subscribed him and he’s just 16. Inspiring No? In this interview we…

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