How Much Does It Cost To Start A WordPress Blog Explainer 

How Much Does It Cost To Start A WordPress Blog ? The 2017 Guide.

If you are reading these piece of article, then you may belong to one of those people who is planning to start a WordPress blog in near future or you are just curious to know how much does it cost to start a WordPress blog. There are several websites on the Internet who offers reliable web hosting service and most of the famous bloggers whom I know also suggest those big yet reliable  companies. But the rates that they provide is not affordable for every beginner. Even if you according their…

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how to download instagram profile pictures in full size Explainer 

How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures In Full Size.

If you have ever thought of downloading Instagram profile pictures then here’s something for you. In this article I will be sharing a few easy steps on How To Download Instagram Profile Pictures In Full Size.However, before you really read further let me tell you the guide is for android users, so if you supposed to own an android device the guide might be helpful to you. The guide will allow you to download Instagram profile pictures of anyone in full size,  plus the guide will also help you to…

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how to start a youtube channel Explainer 

How To Start a YouTube Channel – Here’s A Quick Guide.

If you are one of those person who is planning to come up with a YouTube channel and really don’t know how to start one. Then here is something for you, in this article I will be sharing a simple guide on How To Start a YouTube Channel. But before you really star reading further make sure you have an idea for your YouTube channel, in your videos you can sing music, you can explain techs, or it can be vlogging or maybe some tutorial videos but the at first you…

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Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming Wallpapers Explainer 

Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming Wallpapers.

We just experienced one of the most awaited movie of this year the Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming and in case you are a spider-man fan then we have something for you here. We have handpicked Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming Wallpapers for you and we hope you would like them. So let’s get started : Top 10 Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming Wallpapers :                 Hope you have liked our listings and we also hope that you are going to use them. And if you have any suggestions do…

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ransomware attack Explainer 

Are We Really Safe From The Ransomware Attack ? Think Again.

Cyber criminals getting smarter day by day and here is the questions are we really safe from them?. Recently on May 12, 2017 the whole world experienced the biggest ransomware attack. A malicious code that locks a computer and ask for some some payment to unlock the computer. Apart from the recent Ransomware attack every year people around the globe do face such incidents millions of times. Thanks to attacks like Locky, Cerber, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall which makes millions each and every year. Some people even do believe that they are…

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4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying a Gaming Cabinet.

Going with a wrong gaming cabinet or case will not ruin your gaming experience or anything. But if you choose the right one then it will definitely help you to upgrade your machine in future and enhance it many times. So the question is what we should look in a cabinet while buying one? In this article we will explain you the points you should keep in mind before buying a cabinet for your rig. 4 Things to Keep in mind before buying a Gaming Cabinet : Built Quality : First…

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Top 5 Free WordPress Theme For Technology Blogs. Explainer 


Undoubtedly technology niche is one of the most popular topics people would choose while starting a tech blog. And choosing a decent free technology WordPress theme for your tech blog can be the hardest task. As a blogger, you may want your blog to look decent and unique from other technology blogs. As well as you want to give your blog readers a user-friendly interface.  So we at GeekPost decided to tell you about TOP 5 FREE TECHNOLOGY WORDPRESS  THEMES that might make your blog look good and user-friendly. TOP…

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wannacry Explainer 

WannaCry Ransomware : Everything you need to know, how to protect yourself?

In the last few days we have all been greedin and hearing about how a new wannacry ransomware has been affecting computers around the world. So first What is WannaCry? It’s a virus that enters your system and encrypts all or rather most of your files, so basically scrambles a file in a way that you can’t access them. You need the files to get decrypted in order to gain access back to them, and for that you will have to pay $300 via Bitcoin, after 72 hours that goes…

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“What if you could type directly from your brain?” – Facebook revealed that it has a team of 60 engineers who working on a brain computer interface.

On April 19 Facebook had revealed that it has a team of 60  engineers who working on a brain computer interface. The brain computer interface will let you type with just your mind without any invasive implants. The team plans to use optical imaging to scan your brain a hundred times per second to detect you speaking silently in your head and translate it into text. Regina Dugan the head of Facebook’s R&D  division building 8, said to the F8 conference that the goal is to eventually allow people to…

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HTC Unveils X 10 in Russia

Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC launched their new device One X10 in Russia on 15th April. Specifications  HTC One X 10 features a 5.5 Inch 1080P display, It is powered by MediaTek Helio P10 processor (This phone is not for gamers) The device comes with 3GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage, which can be extended upto  2 TB via a microSD card. It also houses a  4000 mah battery This is what HTC has to say about the phone “The HTC One X10 is pre-installed with the Boost + system,” the…

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