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Gaming Machine Under 40000 The 2017 Guide.

When we talk about making a gaming machine in a budget, it gets quite difficult because you have to choose the best components that fits in your budget and gives you the best performance.  Earlier we have written an article about making a Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 The 2017 Guide. And with this article we will be telling you about making a Gaming Machine Under 40000. So lets’ get started: Gaming Machine Under 40000 The 2017 Guide : Cabinet : Coming to the cabinet at the first, We have handpicked the Circle…

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globehost review Computer Related Reviews 

GlobeHost.com Review- The Cheap Web Hosting Solution.

If you are looking for a best web host solution at a cheap price then we have something really special for you. In this article we will be telling you about a web hosting company which is reliable as well as offers you cheap service. And before we tell you about the web hosting company let me tell you that before we post anything here we test the product or service at first and satisfy ourselves then we list it here. So here is our GlobeHost.com review : A few…

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Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 Computer Related Reviews 

Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 The 2017 Guide.

For most of us, it is a dream to have a gaming machine. And making the dream computer on a low budget can be very very difficult so we at GeekPost made a list of components and created Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000.So lets’ get started: Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 The 2017 Guide: Cabinet: Let’s start with the cabinet at first. For Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 , the ideal cabinet would be the one that comes with good cable management and a great design to…

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Gaming Mouse Under Rs. 1000 Computer Related Reviews 

Top 5 Gaming Mouse Under Rs. 1000 – The 2017 Guide.

The mouse is an important component of a gaming PC. Without Gaming Mouse its impossible to play most of the games. When you are playing a game, the mouse plays a crucial role, if you’re using a good mouse you’ll be able to change weapons and players fast and if your mouse takes too much of time to respond to your actions then all you need to do is throwing it in the trash. Since you have thrown your mouse to the trash its time to choose the best Gaming…

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Top 5 Gaming Cabinet Computer Related Reviews 

Top 5 Gaming Cabinet Under Rs. 5000 – The 2017 Guide.

Looking for Computer Gaming Cabinet or cases at a budget of INR 5000? Then you’re at the right place. Here’s we at GeekPost tried a lot of computer Gaming Cabinet and made a list of top 5 Desktop Computer cabinets for computer gaming. So let’s get started: Top 5 Gaming Cabinet Under Rs. 5000 – The 2017 Guide: The first Gaming Cabinet suggestion would be the Corsair CC-9011051-WW Carbide Series SPEC-02 Steel Red LED Mid-Tower Gaming Case. The cabinet is priced at Rs. 5,490.00. The cabinet is a mid ranged flexible Gaming Case….

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ryzen 7 1800X Computer Related Reviews 

The All New AMD Ryzen 7 Processors Launched

AMD Friday released the first three models of its high-performance AMD Ryzen 7 desktop processors. AMD announced  that  Ryzen 7 is the first processor based on the entirely new AMD “Zen” core microarchitecture, bringing leadership multi-core performance for PC gamers, creators, and hardware enthusiasts around the world, the press statement said. “Today’s launch of Ryzen represents AMD at its best, delivering great products and innovation to the high-performance computing market,” said Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD. “With Ryzen 7 desktop processors, AMD delivers to PC gamers, prosumers and…

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