Making Your Smartphone Pictures Gallery Ready Android 

7 Accessories Perfect for Making Your Smartphone Pictures Gallery Ready.

According to InfoTrends, more than 1.2 trillion digital photos will be taken in 2017. If you’re like me, you constantly have your smartphone’s camera app open, ready to take pictures of your family, vacations, and pets. There are dozens of affordable clip-on lenses, numerous editing and sharing apps, and countless ways to display your smartphone pictures. Check out these 7 ways to make your digital photos top-notch: AUKEY Optic Pro 3-in-1 Smartphone Lens Set: Upgrade your phone’s camera without a big investment with this lens set from AUKEY. The 3-in-1…

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hexlock app Android 

Secure Your Android Device With This Free Android App.

We are living in a world of technology where most of our personal data is stored on our smartphone. However we are also know this fact that our smartphone can be accessed by anyone when we are not with our smartphone. And here comes the question “Have you ever thought about your smartphone security ?” If you did not then read on. In this article I will be  mentioning about an android app that take cares of your privacy. Hexlock is an app locker  that secure your device in a smart…

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useful android apps Android 

Top 5 Useful Android Apps For Smartphones.

We often download too many apps on our smartphone or tablet but have you ever thought about the useful apps that we must have on our smartphone or tablet? If you have not then read on. In this article I will be telling you about useful android apps that will make your life a little easier. But before you read on just remember before listing any product here we test them at first and satisfy ourselves and then we post here. Top 5 Useful Android Apps : 1. Paytm :…

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download youtube videos Android 

This Android App Lets You Download YouTube Videos For Free.

We at GeekPost always believe at providing authentic technology updates as well we always try to solve problems of our readers. In this article we will also try to solve a major problem that most of the people finds irritating. Undoubtedly many of us always try to download our favorite YouTube video and there are so many ways to download them. But in this article we will be telling you How to download YouTube videos using your android phone. Before i really type further just you know I was one…

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note 4 camera Android 

Improve Redmi Note 4 Camera Quality using Best Camera App Cyanogen Camera

Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 4 in India on 19th Jan 2017. The phone has already sold 1M+ units, to in case you’re looking for a phone under 15k we would like to suggest the latest Xiaomi Device Redmi Note 4, it’s hands down one of the best phones at its price segment. But the only con about the phone is the poor Note 4 camera quality. And this issue is not just Note 4 specific the same issue is found on every Redmi Phone. Also read: Gaming PC Build Under Rs…

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