How to use Movavi Video editor

Every era has its trend, where the traditional blogging world ends, video blogging starts there. Video cutter, video merger or clippers are the two most basic functionalities of a video editing app. Right from our childhood buddy movie maker to today’s most advanced video editing app, all have these two distinctive functionalities where video cutter helps us to trim down any portion of a video, and video merger facilitates joining of two or more than two different parts together. While talking to the modern video editing app, we can’t ignore Movavi software.

Why use Movavi Video editor- An advanced video merger includes the package

It’s the latest software, easy to use and comes at free of cost to test! Though it bears a not so big price tag of $40, you can use it for a free lifetime with a simple tweak! Moreover, we don’t need to be an expert to do our tasks with it because even a novice can adjust all the things to prepare a finely tuned video for his channel, it’s that simple.

Movavi Video merger- Easy control to produce the highest quality

The streamline and straightforward design of the control panel put everything onboard and in front of your eyes so that controlling every little detail can be so easier enough to hit the highest perfection level.

How to use Movavi Video merger- A simple How to

As we have said, use of this app is pretty simple as no rocket science is involved here.

Once the dashboard prepares everything ready on the screen, just drag the videos you want to join the dashboard one after one.

Sit back and relax, it will automatically render the whole videos on a timeline, and it may take a few minutes depending on the video quality and size of the video.

To make the video more intuitive, we can add some transitions in the middle of the two videos. It’s necessary when you are reviewing something- it can be a product or even a movie. Add some filters, titles and call outs to make that more professional and stand out.

You have done it! Kudos!

There’s nothing more, now save the edited file and upload on your channel to see the reaction.

Movavi Video Merger- A useful tips

Although it’s free for a 30 days trial period, you can use it for a lifetime if you want.


Once you cross 30 days, don’t open this app when you are connected to the internet- simple! Otherwise, you can reinstall the app using the already downloaded .exe file.

  • #Note for PC users: If you are using a PC having Windows 8 or 8.1 installed on it, don’t try this app on that system as we have found it has a pretty surprising conflict with this particular operating system. You may end up everything messed up.
  • #For Android users: If you want to use it without purchasing, we recommend using it using parallel space.

Issues addressed above are found while testing on different devices and platforms. Don’t forget to ping back here in case you face some other issues.

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