Xnspy Review: Is There a Reliable Xiaomi Spy App in India?

Heyeveryone, I have been associated with the spy software industry for more than 5 years. Over these years, I have tested several cell phone spy apps. Thesespy software allow you to keep tabs on people without them knowing. With an advanced sleuthing app, you can monitor text messages, multimedia files, IM chats, GPS location, and even overhear phone calls. All recorded information is stored online, so you can access it at anytimeof the day from anywhere.

There is no dearth of spy apps, but when you are in search of a reliable Xiaomi Mi spy app in India, you’ll only find a handful of apps that are worth your time. To help you pick the right one, I have gauged 20 different apps. Of these 20 apps, Xnspy was the one that fit the criteria. So without further ado, let’s review this popular Xiaomi Mi spy app and assess if it really worth it.


Xnspy is one of the popular cell phone monitoring apps that has seen countless downloads since inception. The surveillance program has made a mark for itself with its ease-of-use. Navigating this app is a pure pleasure. Even a non-tech savvy individual can use it without facing any problem. The installation process is also simple and takes no more than a few minutes. Since it doesn’t require you to have any product key to activate the software,you can instantly lay your eyes on the monitored person’s online activities by accessing your Xnspy web-based account right away.

Installation Process on Xiaomi Mi:

Upon subscribing a plan (Basic or Premium), you will receive an email from Xnspy that will include a download link along with some instructions. Here is the two-step process:

  • Open the email and tap on the download link.
  • Follow the instructions to set phone preferences and you are done.

It doesn’t get easier than this. When I tested the Xiaomi Mi spy app,it took me just 5-10 minutes before the software started uploading the data from the target smartphone. I got chats from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and a whole bunch more. In brief, the app collected literally everything there was to collect. Very impressive, I must say.

Features and Benefits of Xnspy:

Phone Calls:I was able to view exactly which phone numbers were called over, which contacts were dialed along with the time, date and duration of each call. The best thing was all call logs were neatly displayed in the control panel.

Messages: Every text message including chats that are sent or received via target phone can be captured and displayed for you. You will see the message exactly the way it appeared on the target device. See the contact name or number (if the contact name isn’t saved) together with the date and time of each message.

Social Media:Social media apps such as Instagram and Tinder can also be monitored through Xnspy. The Xiaomi Mi spy app in India not only allowed me to viewInstagram pictures and Tinder messages, but also let me snoop on target’s Facebook Messenger activities.

GPS Location:The GPS location tracking system of Xnspy can track the phone and pinpoints its location on a map, so you can spot them without ado. Apart from determining the current location of a person of interest, the Xiaomi Mi spy app in India also indicates the location history of the target to gauge where the target has been.

Watchlist Alerts: I compiled a list of suspicious keywords such as names, places, or things to receive instant alerts whenever they appear on the tracked Xiaomi phone in India. It’s an excellent way to dispel or affirm your doubts if you believe that the tracked individual communicates with a swindler as you can add his or her name to the list and be notified when the phrase will appear on the device.

Geofencing:This is one of my favorite Xnspyfeatures. Set imaginary boundaries with this functionality around certain places, so you can receive instant alerts every time the target enters or exits these locations. This feature can prove really helpful for parents in India as the Xiaomi Mi spy app will let them know whether their kids have reached or left the school, arrived at the bus stop or are wandering outside the safe parameters.

Surround Recording: It’s anotheradvanced feature of Xnspy that I didn’t find on any other Xiaomi Mi spy app in India. The functionality allowed me toeavesdrop on cell phone surrounding by secretly turning on the microphone on the device with a non-intrusive command from a remote location. Meaning, the tracker individual never gets to know that they are being monitored.

Evaluating Customer Support:

For me, it’scritical to know whether the after sales service is good or badbecause if you are paying for a service it should offer excellent support. Else, don’t even bother to waste your precious time and money on it because at some point or the other you will encounter a problem or have a question pertaining the software and imagine if no one is there is help you. Fortunately, Xnspy offers top notch after sales service. There are 24/7 live chat and email services. When I accessed their website around 2:00 in the morning, the live chat representative was there to assist me. Awesome, isn’t it? And the representative was very helpful, she answered all my questions and resolved the issues there and then. This alone makes Xnspy my top choice.

What’s the Price?

By paying as little as $8 per month (Basic plan), you can start snooping on someone right away. In case, you want to up your sleuthing game, the Premium package of Xnspy can be subscribed for only $12.50 per month to have the advanced features of the program at your disposal.

Some Inadequacies:

Sure, Xnspy stands out when it comes to performance, delivery,and speed, but likeseveral other software out there it has some shortcomings too. And as a responsible reviewer, it’s my duty to bring them to light, so people in India can make an informed decision when looking to buy this spyware. The Xiaomi Mi spy app doesn’t offer a trial version (but you can find the live demo on the website). Secondly, it requires you to send another remote command in order to continue surrounding recording after every 30 minutes.


Ease-of-use, exceptional functionality, inexpensive pricing, and superior support,altogether makes Xnspy a valuable software, especially for someone who is looking for a reliable cell phone spy program. From installation to operation, and everything in between, I found this surveillance app up to the mark and would absolutely suggest you give it a try.

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