How To Start A News Website – Follow This Simple Steps.

how to start a news website

Wondering how to start a news website just like other big internet publications around the globe. Such as The Verge, Venture Beat? Well if the answer is yes then we have some of the tips that you need to follow in order to run a news blog.

Starting a news website is not as hard, it only takes a simple WordPress installation. But growing the news website is one of the hardest things. You can not do it alone, you need to have a team of people who can keep publishing recent news and write on a trending topic. Although to make you understand here are the few steps you can follow in order to start a news website.

How To Start A News Website – Follow This Simple Steps:

  • First of all get a domain and hosting.
  • Get done with the WordPress installations and settings.
  • Make a logo that represents your brand.
  • Write Contents.
  • Work on SEO aka Search Engine Optimizations.
  • Get Social

Now let’s explain the steps one by one so you can get a better idea.

Get a Domain and Hosting:

First of all, you have to purchase a domain and hosting. Without both of these, you will not be able to set up a blog. However while purchasing a domain make sure the domain name is unique. Also, it should reflect your website niche. For an example look at the AndroidAuthority domain name. As you can see you are getting an idea about the news website’s core topic by just looking at the domain name. Talking about the hosting, well there is no such thing to consider as long as you are a beginner in this field. You can simply get a web hosting from they offer quite an affordable pricing with reliable service. However to get a better understanding you can read our cost of creating a blog India article.

Get done with the WordPress installations and settings:

Well after purchasing a domain and web hosting what you need to do, is install the WordPress and do all the required settings. Also, you have to pick a WordPress theme for your website. However, it is advisable to go for a free WordPress theme and later make a purchase for a premium theme. It will save your bucks and help you to learn about the news website and its requirements at first.

Make a logo that represents your brand:

Without a logo, you will not be able to represent your brand. Also, it has to be unique and eye catchy. However to get a logo at an inexpensive price you can search on Fiverr.

Write Contents:

For writing contents, it is advisable to make a team of content writers on daily basis. Just look at the big publications they post minimum ten unique posts each day. Just in case if you think you can do alone then you are good to go. Also, put some uniqueness in your content and add a catchy headline. To understand more about the Journalism you can follow this udemy course.

Work on SEO :

how to start a news website

Without working on SEO you will not be able to get much traffic. Hence you will not be making money. So you have to work on the SEO part quite a lot. Also, you better get the Yoast SEO News plugin. It will help you to create a separate sitemap for your website and so on. You can read more about the plugin on Yoast Website.

Get Social:

Make social media accounts like the Facebook page, Twitter account. Post regularly over there. On twitter try to post a tweet in every hour. To make this job easy you can use tools like Buffer and schedule your posts.

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