Assembled Desktop Computer Under 15000 Rupees.

Desktop Computer Under 15000 Rupees

It seems quite tough to get a desktop computer under 15000 rupees but to be honest its not. As long as your recommendation is to get done with the office work. A desktop computer under 15000 rupees is enough to run applications like Microsoft Office, VLC Player, Chrome and so on. You will get a decent computer in this price segment. however if your goal is to get a computer for video editing or playing high end games. A desktop computer under 15000 rupees might not be suitable to you.

However if you want a desktop to do some office work, or if you are a student who is looking for a computer in a low budget. The desktop configuration will not disappoint you. So let’s just head into the topic:

Desktop Computer Under 15000 Rupees

Desktop Computer Under 15000 Rupees:


Starting with the cabinet at first, for our low budget computer we have handpicked the FOXIN ATX Cabinet. The cabinet holds a price tag of Rs.1599.00 on Talking about the specifications of the cabinet, it comes with two USB ports at the front panel. The cabinet also comes with a power supply and has a nice build quality. You can also check our Gaming Cabinets Under 5000 INR list. 

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Hard Disk Drive:

For our 15000 rupees computer we have handpicked the WD 160 Gb Hard Disk Sata. As we are building a computer in a low budget segment so you have to compromise on the storage. However 160GB of storage would be enough for storing office files. Just in case if you need more storage you can later get a external hard disk drive. The WD hard disk is priced at Rs.949.00

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For the monitor we have handpicked the Technotech 15 Inch TFT LCD. The monitor comes with a price tag of Rs.2999. The monitor offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. 

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Now coming to the main part of our desktop computer under 15000 rupees list. In this part we will be talking about the desktop motherboard, RAM and Processor.


For our processor we have picked up the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor. The processor clock speed is  3.0GHz and comes with 6MB cache. Also it is a 775 socket Processor. The CPU is not really high end but it offers enough power so you can run office related application smoothly. The processor is priced at Rs.540. 

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For the motherboard we have handpicked the Zebronics Motherboard ZEB-G41. The socket of the motherboard is 775. However if you do not like the product you can check local sellers for 775 socket motherboard. However the Zebronics motherboard holds a price tag of Rs.2649.

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For RAM we have picked up the Kingston DDR3 4GB RAM. It comes with a clock speed of 1333MHz. Also KIngstone is one of the trusted brand. The RAM holds a price tag of Rs.2525. 

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You also have to buy a CPU fan, as the processor will not come with a CPU fan. So for CPU fan you can get the Terabyte CPU Cooler. The CPU cooler holds a price tag of Rs.272.00.

DVD Writer:

The DVD writer is an optional item in your budget computer. If you prefer to get one then you can consider the Asus Internal DVD Writer. It holds a price tag of Rs.1088.

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So that’s all for a desktop computer under 15000 rupees. Here is the total calculation of all of the products:

  • Cabinet: Rs.1599.00
  • Hard Disk Drive: Rs.949.00
  • Monitor: Rs.2999.00
  • Processor: Rs.540.00
  • Motherboard: Rs.2649.00
  • RAM: Rs.2525.00
  • CPP Fan: Rs.272.00
  • DVD Writer: Rs.1088.00

Total : Rs.12,621.00

Just in case if you want to spend more amount of money for your desktop computer under 15000 rupees. You can make changes in Hard disk drive, Monitor and Cabinet. So what do you think about this?. Comment down your thoughts. Also to get more updates on your timeline like this one do like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter(@geekpostindia) and to know more about the tech do join our Facebook group.

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