3 Tips For Money Saving Hacks For Web Hosting Renewals.

We know you have been trying to minimize the cost of web hosting for every self-hosted WordPress blog. Just to know, a cheap one will cost you anywhere between $4/month to $15/month. Although the cost depends on the requirements of the user.

However, the cost of the hosting will eventually rise when you will move to a managed WordPress hosting or a VPS or dedicated hosting server. When a new blogger go through the process of setting up a self-hosted blog the blogger is not that much aware about the hosting fees and end up paying web hosting at unnecessarily high cost.

Even if the blogger find one suitable price for the blog, the cost of renewal is excessively high when it comes to renew. With the help of this article, I would like to share you some crucial tips which will help you to save money on web hosting renewals. You can use our tips from day one of your purchasing first day of hosting purchase.

Why You Should Save Money On Hosting Renewal Bills:

Alright now some of you must be thinking of getting a better web host or may be looking for a renewal of your current web hosting. For this reason, let me point out few methods to fit either in that scenario or help you to save some money whether you’re just starting out or renewing your service.

Note: Please see that this guide is only for shared hosting only, but we do feel it will work on any other hosting plans too.

Tip: 1 For the purchase of new hosting

If you have decided to buy one hosting for your blog, this is the right time to see opportunities that would minimize the spending for long term. When you buy hosting from any companies take a look at different options available to minimize the cost of your buying.

One of the worst thing a user does while purchasing a hosting plan is thy buy hosting for one year only, then followed by the next year. And, they are faced with paying the full amount of their hosting renewal.

As, you know there are no such hosting coupons available for existing customers or renewals. So opting to  buy service or more than one year of your original purchase will save you money for long term.

So when did you purchase your first hosting service? If you look closely you may observe that there is a also a option to buy more than a year. It is best to buy a hosting service that is reliable and do check out the price for 2-3 years. It will come to notice that when you’re buying a hosting service for more than a year or two the price of the hosting/month drastically drops. Even you can check out FastComet review. This has saved me a lot of time and money in a long run.

Tip: 2 Let me find a good example for you

If I purchase a hosting service for a year without a discounted link I need to pay with StartSmart Plan- $3.95/month for 2 years that equals to $94.8.

Now, let’s consider the cost when if you purchase a hosting and you get a discounted link from me that would lower your hosting fees drastically over the year. You can mail me for a discount coupon. And, It will nearly take a day to supply you the coupon and to reach your mailbox.That’s a straight way saving for few dollars. Which is considerable when you buy 2-3 hosting packages for more than one website.

Tip: 3 Ask your hosting company for a discount

Almost all the hosting company tries to retain customers and it becomes their utmost priority for any hosting service provider. As, you’re about to reach the hosting term an expiration period. You can wisely ask your hosting sales team to allow you some discount on your renewal. Also you can check out my detailed post on best web hosting providers in 2017.

Take our suggestion: Final Verdict

Asking for a discount or less price are not a bad a option I guess. Most people ignore such small savings for the sake of their comfort level. But I see this as a money saved is money earned.

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