Vultr Review – Is It Good Enough For Website Owners And Developers?

Vultr review

There are quite a lot of VPS providers exist on the web. However, if we talk about the most popular name then it is undoubtedly the Digital Ocean. However, there is one more company that known as the biggest competitor of Digital Ocean. And the company is the Vultr. Talking about both of the companies, then we can say that both of the companies are best in their business. They both provide the same service at a cheap price. However, the Vultr costs a little lesser than the Digital Ocean. Just in case if you are wondering if you should go with Vultr or not. Then read further and check out our Vultr Review.

Vultr Review – Top Features:


The Vultr pricing is quite less from many VPS Hosting providers. You can even use Vultr on the hourly basis. The cheapest hourly Vultr hosting plan will cost you $0.004. However, if you want to pay monthly. Then the cheapest plan is the $2.50 per month.

Instant Server Activation:

You do not have to wait hours for your server to get activated. Once you are done paying for the plan. Vultr will activate your plan within sixty seconds.

Server Location:

You can choose your server location from 15 options. Including Singapore, Tokyo, Silicon Valley and so on.

Vultr review

Friendly Control Panel:

The Vultr control panel makes handling the server super easy. By logging into the Vultr control panel. You can easily Restart, Reboot, Reinstall, Reimage your server.

Root Administrator Access:

All of their plans come with full root access and dedicated IP. So you can change or modify your server settings.

Variety Of Operating Systems:

You can choose between CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD operating system for your server. Even there are also other operating systems available just look for your favorite one. Or you can upload an ISO of any operating system by using Vultr’s Upload ISO feature.

Vultr Pros:

  • Cheap Hourly pricing, so you can try out their service before hosting your main website.
  • Vultr servers are powered by the latest Intel CPUs.
  • Variety of server locations, plus you can select your server location every time you reinstall your server.
  • Choose between multiple operating systems.You can even select the operating system after destroying a server.

Vultr Cons:

  • Maybe you will face issues with the customer support.
  • They will block your account if they feel like your card is incompatible with their service.


Overall of you do not want to spend much on VPS or this is the first time you are going to get a VPS. Then the Vultr is not really a bad option. The service is extremely good but still, there are some issues with the customer support. However, if you are any startup or a developer who wants a steady and reliable VPS hosting. It is advisable to choose any other VPS instead of Vultr.  Just in case if you are a blogger or a small website owner then you should definitely try out Vultr. However, make sure you are trying out the hourly plan before purchasing a monthly plan to satisfy your needs.

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