Meet the Ultrastar Hs14 – The World’s First 14TB Hard Disk Drive.

Ultrastar Hs14

There were days when a 10 TB of Hard Disk used to be a dream but the way technology is growing nothing seems like a dream anymore. Western Digital the popular Hard Disk drive maker also have stepped further and came up with a 14 terabyte of Hard Disk Drive called the Ultrastar Hs14. Since the time Western Digital has unveiled the mega Hard disk drive beast people are going crazy over and why people would not?

However the massive western digital hard disk drive is now only available for data centers heavyweight cloud computers, and as of now, the company has no plan of selling the Ultrastar Hs14 to normal people.

According to the popular Hard disk drive company, Ultrastar Hs14 is capable enough to transfer up to 223MiB/s in both SATA and SAS formats. The massive helium-filled hard disk drive offering 40% more capacity than its predecessor which will double up the sequential writing performance.

The Hard disk drives also super reliable since it comes with 2.5 million hours of mean time between failures. And that simply means that the Hard disk drive will not fail for a very long time.

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Source : The Verge

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