Razer Man O’ War Is An Awesome Wireless Headset For Immersive Gaming Experience.

When it comes to having a flawless gaming experience, it is necessary to have a high quality wireless headset that can offer the best quality audio. While at one point of time the sound or audio of a game was not really considered all that important, things have changed for modern gaming and nowadays audio plays a crucial role in creating the whole ambience of a gaming universe. It is now a well known fact that high octane sound can greatly enhance the whole gaming experience. To make sure that you have the best quality gaming sound at all times, it is necessary that you have a well designed wireless headset that can elevate the quality of the whole gaming session. You can click here to learn how to choose the finest quality wireless gaming headset.
One of the wireless gaming headsets that have been reviewed quite positively in the recent times by industry insiders is the Razer Man O’ War. For the last few years, wireless headsets created by Razer have been a major dominant force within the gaming arena and their Razer Man O’ War have been slated as the first crucial move into the market of high quality wireless audio systems. The Razer Man O’ War has already been proven to deliver impeccable sound quality that can elevate the overall experience offered by various popular games. Priced at just an average range of $150, the Razer Man O’ War headset serves as an excellent mid-range headset option for anyone who is looking for the highest level of audio quality without actually breaking his or her purse.
Among the pressing concerns that the experts had with Razer Man O’ War, special mention should be provided to the matter of comfort as most people opting for it would want to indulge in long hours of gaming. The design of the headset has been crafted in a way that it would offer comfortable gaming options for several hours without any hint of unnaturalness or discomfort. The batter length of the headset is sufficiently good and users do not have to keep it plugged in once the initial charging has been completed. In fact, it can offer flawless performance for about 20 hours which certainly makes it perfect for long hours of gaming. The design of the headset is lighter and user friendly; a departure from the heavy and bulky headsets that were more common during yesteryears.
However, one of the areas that leave ground for improvement is the material out of which this headset has been constructed. The headset is constructed out of plastic and really does not have the body or feeling that comes with some of the other mainline headsets. A lot of headsets that are currently available in the market come with some amount of metal which creates a premium feel. However, the Razer Man O’ War certainly lacks that feel and body. In fact, it feels like the body might even break if it is accidentally misplaced. Another area of concern is that it does not offer full compatibility for Xbox One and actually scales down the quality of sound from 7.1 Surround to simply stereo for PS4. While such an inconvenience is somewhat minimized by the fact that it is a wireless headset that comes without obnoxious wires, it can seem to be a major issue for some users. Lack of proper support for the other consoles indicates switching between various devices may actually disrupt the whole listening experience. Nevertheless, the headset can work perfectly well with Mac and Windows PCs and offer reliable performance at all times.

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