How To Be An Influencer On Social Media ? Follow This Simple Steps.

how to be an influencer on social media

If you are Wondering how to be an influencer on social media? Well, then we are here to help you out. Being an influencer on social media can help you in many ways. If you are a business owner being an influencer will help you to give a boost to your sales. Or if you are a blog owner. Then being an Influencer will help you to create a community for you and your blog. Or if you are an entrepreneur who wants to be a social icon. Then social influence is one of the main factors that you need to care about.

However to help you with your questions we have decided to sit down and write down a guide. This guide will discuss some of the popular steps that most of the popular influencer have applied. And turned into the person they are right now.

Being a social media will not just help you to create a community around your niche. But the after turning into social media influencer your words will matter to people. For example, we all know about the Evan Blass. One of the social influencer who is quite famous for leaking smartphone images before the launch. So whenever he posts something on twitter, his post matters to thousands of Tech publication.

So being a social influencer will give you a virtual stage where you can speak your mind out. However, the main question is how to be one of the popular social media influencer? What quality do I need to be one? And Long it will take?. If all this question started seeming confusing to you then let me tell you it’s not. All you need is a little patient and a lot of hard work. Also, remember the fact that “NO ONE JUST SIMPLY GET INTO SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM AND TURN INTO AN SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER.”

how to be an influencer on social media

How To Be An Influencer On Social Media – Follow This Steps:

Know About Your Niche :

Before you start anything make sure you know about your niche. For example, if you are a blogger who blogs about blogging and making money online. Then you need to have some expensive knowledge that the world is caring about. No one will give you importance for sharing the same knowledge that everyone is sharing around your community.

Just in case if you are new to this game, then choosing a niche can be pretty hard. However, the best option is to pick up a topic you are really interested in.

Follow People Around Your Niche:

After knowing about your niche the next thing you need to do is find people in your niche. People who are interested in the same topic as you and share some valuable knowledge. Try to interact with them regularly over social media. By doing this it will help you to create an image for yourself. Also do not forget to follow some big social media influencers, by following them you will get to know what they are up to. And whatever they are doing try to do the exact same thing with your social media profiles.

Sharing Info:

You may have great knowledge but people over social media do not know that you have the info. So how to let them know you? Well, in this case, twitter works pretty well. For example, if you are tweeting about WordPress then do add the WordPress word as a Hashtag. For Example in one of our tweets, we have used #Startup hashtag. The hashtag is quite popular on Twitter as well we mentioned the startup’s twitter account in our tweet.

how to be an influencer on social media

And by doing so we easily received 7 re-tweets and 8 likes. Moral of the story is always tag brands and use a hashtag in your tweets. Also, try to post a tweet based on Twitter’s trending topics as they are more likely to get engagements. And when engagements happen there is a high chance that people would follow you to get more contents from you.

Be Active:

If you want to be a tech influencer then be super active. Tech world is so unsteady like anything great could happen in the tech world at any time. And you have to be fast and super active to post the news before anyone else so people interested in your niche would follow you to get fast updates.

Showing Off:

It may sound bad but most of the influencers do show off quite a lot. I have seen some pro bloggers who keep sharing their Adsense earning and website traffic stats screenshots on social media. And people interested in their niche get motivated when they see the stats. They do not just post the screenshot but most of the time to link it with their blog post. Hence they get visitors to their blog as well people follow them. So you have to show off but in a right way.

The above-mentioned steps are based on my personal views. Like I have seen many influencers doing so and it helped them to create their own community around their niche. Also, I do think if you are looking for an answer on how to be an influencer on social media this steps might be helpful to you. So what do you think about this? Comment down your thoughts. Also to get more updates on your timeline like this one do like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter(@geekpostindia) and to know more about the tech do join our Facebook group.




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