The Best Battery Saver Apps for Android – The 2017 List.

best battery saver apps

The worst nightmare in today’s world is to be stuck in traffic with your smartphone’s battery dead. Unfortunately, some phones just can’t take the heat and are running empty by the end of the afternoon. The good news is you don’t have to suffer from an empty battery – there are battery saving apps for Android that can help guarantee you have juice on your phone until the evening.So, let’s look at the best battery saver apps for Android in 2017:

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android – The 2017 List:


Greenify is one of the most popular best battery saver apps for Android. When you download the app, it identifies the apps for you that are mostly waking up your phone from its sleep mode and thus using more of your phone’s battery. The app then prevents those apps from doing this and ensuring your battery doesn’t drain in seconds. The app and all its functionalities are free. However, if you are feeling generous, you should opt for the optional donation version – this is essentially the same but it gives a little support for the development team.

GSam Battery Monitor:

You might also enjoy from the insights you’ll receive from GSam Battery Monitor. As the name might suggest, the app itself won’t preserve battery life on your Android device. However, it provides you with plenty of information regarding your phone’s battery. You can see information on wakelocks, wake time, the CPU use and sensor data. The information is detailed and it will help you identify which apps are doing more harm than good on your smartphone. There are a free version and a paid version for the app.

DU Battery Saver & Widgets:

best battery saver apps

This is another popular battery monitoring app that can help you to better understand your battery use. The free version comes with presets for preserving battery and tools to view your battery life. If you want to pay a bit of money, you can upgrade to the pro version. This has advanced features such as scheduling of the presets and an automatic task killer.


You can also enjoy a free and a paid version of Amplify. The root app’s main functionality is to identify and stop wake-locks. These are the apps preventing your phone from ‘sleeping’ and essentially help to preserve the battery life by shutting the phone to sleep mode more regularly. You can use the app to control apps and alarms, which are often secretly preventing your phone from using its battery. Now, the free version will be sufficient for most people. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you can find a pro version with more features.

Battery Doctor:

You will be able to learn more about your phone’s battery behaviour with this free app. It has plenty of features that allow you to understand what apps are draining your battery and how much time you have length until your phone dies out. It also has a host of settings to tweak things like the brightness of the screen, the use of Wi-Fi and widgets. These can help you control how your battery is used and ensure you can save your phone’s battery when you need to the most. For example, you can set profiles to make the phone switch to airplane mode when you are sleeping.


Servicely will stop any services running in the background of your phone. You can also select apps that you suspect are draining the phone and have them turned on. Therefore, you could use this together with the GSam Battery Monitor, for example. When you’ve chosen apps, the app will prevent these apps from starting operations in the background. Now, Servicely is a root-only battery saving app. You can download a free version of it with enough configurations to keep you happy. But you can add functionality by updating to the pro version.

Wakelock Detector:

Finally, you could pick up Wakelock Detector. As the name suggests, this app detects wakelocks – but it identifies both partial and full wakelocks unlike some other apps. You can also receive information on the apps that are causing this problem and therefore, consider uninstalling those apps. It can even help you find replacements for those apps! You can find this particular app for free on Google Play.

Time for a new phone?

Of course, it might not be enough to put the above apps to good use. Some phones do have worse battery lives than others and if your smartphone is old, it might simply be that the battery just can’t hold the charge any longer. It might be time to change the battery or the phone.

You can find suitable Android battery replacements online. Just remember to always buy from the phone’s manufacturer – you don’t want a new battery to ruin your phone. While you can find plenty of offers from OZCodes for exchange batteries, you might also want to consider looking for phone deals on the site. Sometimes buying a new Android phone can just be easier – and more fun!

However, test the apps above first to see if they can help your battery last longer. If not, then you might want to consider the other options.So what do you think about our list of best battery saver apps?. Comment down your thoughts. Also to get more updates on your timeline like this one do like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter(@geekpostindia) and to know more about the tech do join our Facebook group.

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