4 Different Ways To Track The Train Status Online.

Earlier in those days, booking train ticket was a concern to many passengers. People used to stand in long queues at the railway counters to book their tickets. With the technology progresses, IRCTC has started various facilities like booking tickets, Tatkal scheme, checking PNR status, looking for the timetable etc. for the passengers travelling by trains.

Back in 2010, I used to come early to catch the train. As I don’t have an idea where the train is located and I felt that I may miss my train. Most of the people in those days were agitate about it and now there is no need to worry as we have the GPS on each and every train running in different location.

With the help of GPS we can now able to track each and every running train in India. IRCTC has set up servers to store the input of each train for every 5-10 minutes. To get the output, we can locate any train by knowing the train number.

There are many ways to track the train. You can do it on web, SMS or at the display placed in every station. Let’s now ponder over 4 excellent methods to track your train either on desktop or mobile phone.

Sometimes due to heavy web traffic you cannot track your train, in such cases you should check other websites given below or wait for some time and tray again.


In this website, you can track the train by just knowing the 5 digit train number. All you need to do is to open the website main page, and then on the main panel you’ll find a search option to enter the 5 digit number.

Click on submit option after entering the number. There you’ll find the real time data of any train and also know the train location status.

Indian Railways

This is an official IRCTC website where you can locate any train by entering the details related to the train. All you have to do is to enter the train number then the server fetches the data related to the train. Now you need to select the journey destination to know about the location and then select the date of journey before the final submit.

On the right hand side you’ll find view full running option. Click on it to know the exact train location.


This is a third part website where you can even check the train location if the servers are busy on the main website. Go to the page, enter the train number or name. A list of the stations appears on the screen. Select any one to know when the train will arrive at the place.


Well in some crucial conditions when the servers get the heavy traffic people cannot fetch the information they want about the train. So in that case you must try other websites or try again after sometime. In this website with a single click you can get the real time data of the train in seconds. All you have to enter the train number and press submit button.

The website fetch the information from the servers and you can know the exact location of any train in India.


Trains which are running actively on tracks can be tracked. One cannot locate the train which is not running as the server will not disclose the information of a still train in the depot.

If you aren’t able to get the information, then I suggest you to check the number once again before entering on the website or wait for at least 10-15 minutes and try again. So what do you think about this?. Comment down your thoughts. Also to get more updates on your timeline like this one do like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter(@geekpostindia) and to know more about the tech do join our Facebook group.

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