Cheap Windows Hosting With Control Panel At Just $10 For A Year.

windows hosting with control panel

If you are looking for cheap windows hosting with control panel or CPanel this information might be helpful to you. Now there are many reason why a person basically choose Cheap web hosting over an expensive one. Some of the famous reasons are one simply does not want to spend much on web hosting, A newbie who do not have any kind of information and want to start learning about all this or maybe someone trying to save some money. Now there are so many websites that provides cheap windows hosting with control panel but in this article I will be mentioning a reliable yet cheap priced company for your needs.

Cheap Windows Hosting With Control Panel or CPanel :

On Geek Post I do talk about Globehost quite a lot because I really really find their service reliable and cheap from all the web hosting companies. Even there are many famous bloggers and web masters who would tell you not to go with cheap web hosting companies and at times they are right. If your website gets quite a lot of visitors than you definitely need to go with a best hosting company. But if your blog is new or does not get much visitors you definitely try out the Talking about their offerings, the company’s windows hosting plan starts at a price of $10 per year or 600 INR for a year. However with the low priced plan you will not get much storage and bandwidth but there are some other plans that might be suitable to you. Here is a pricing list :

windows hosting with control panel

Talking about the web hosting company, Globehost is one of the most cheapest yet reliable company. They offers 99.9% up time and they mean it. They also provides you a decent support and all their plans comes with 30 days money back guarantee so in case if you do not like their service you can ask for a refund within 30 days.
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Here you can see Vapourhost Review which is yet another most reliable hosting company.

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  1. Hello Nayan,

    I agree with you that if someone is just starting a blog and don’t have a lot of traffic/visitors cheap but yet reliable web hosting is very important. I would recommend to think a bit about the future and plan accordingly – once a blog becomes popular you want a web hosting company that is capable of handling heavy traffic to your web site. At this point of time the “cheap” web hosting company can cost one a lot of money.
    Hope the blog post will provide additional info to make great decision about a web hosting companies.
    Thank you.

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