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Abhishek Prakash

If you have ever searched anything about Linux or Open Source you might have come across to A blog that is filled with amazing yet useful information about Linux and open source. And in today’s Tech Talk we are going to have a little chat with founder The Abhishek Prakash. Before we really go to our tech talk, let me tell you he is a a software developer with more than 5 years of experience and I am really thankful to him for sharing his words on GeekPost.

Abhishek Prakash

1). Abhishek tell us about yourself?

Abhishek :- I am a software professional with over 6 years of experience. I graduated from Sikkim Manipal Institute of India in 2008 and joined IBM. After a year, I came to Europe for higher studies. After getting my dual master from Italy and France, I started working as a software developer in France. It was during my Masters that I started using Linux extensively and fell in love with it. And that how got involved in Open Source advocacy.

2). How was started?

Abhishek :- I started blogging in 2010 on the free It was more like a quick note for me. I used to write whatever issues I faced in my daily computing life. As I started using Linux, as my primary OS, the theme of the blog increasingly became Linux focused. However, it still had various generic tech topics. In 2012, I decided to create a new platform dedicated to Linux and help out beginners with Linux. But I didn’t want to limit it to just Linux, I wanted to promote Open Source along with Linux and that’s how came into existence.

3). According to you what makes programming so fun?

Abhishek:- I am a fan of classic detective fiction and I like to think and solve the puzzles as I read the stories or novels. Programming is somewhat similar. It is like solving puzzle. You become a detective when you are looking for bugs.

4). Which operating system do you mainly use ?

Abhishek:- Linux based. I like to try out different Linux distributions but I keep coming back to Ubuntu as my main go to Operating System.

5). Your favorite blogs that you look up to?

Abhishek :- Difficult to answer that. I am an avid reader of tech news. But I don’t have enough time to visit all the websites individually. I have over 40 websites filtered in my Feedly account and in there I read the stories that I find most interesting.

6). One book you’d recommended to other people who’s starting their journey with Linux?

Abhishek:-  The Linux Command Line book by William Shotts is that one book that every Linux user must read. The best thing about the book is that it is available to download, for free.

7). Have you ever faced any problem while setting up your blog? If yes what was it and how you solved it?

Abhishek :- A number of times actually. The last problem I faced was while changing the CSS of the theme. I emptied the cache but it would simply not reflect the changes made. Then I realized that DNS cache plays a role here. Such small troubleshooting’s keep you informed as well.

8).Why Linux and Not mac or windows?

Abhishek:- For Mac you have to buy Hardware. For Windows, you have to buy software. For Linux, you can try as many OS as you want, on any system, any number of times.

9). Sites that would help a beginner to learn Linux?

Abhishek:- Depends on the definition of learning Linux. If one wants to make a career as a Linux SysAdmin, try Nixcraft otherwise It’s FOSS  is definitely a good place. 😉

10). Any suggestions that you’d like to give

Abhishek:- Keep up the good work that you are doing. All the best.


And it is a wrap-up! Thanks to Abhishek for sharing his words on the blog, and you can connect with Abhishek Prakash at Facebook and Twitter. So what do you think about this? comment down your suggestions or views. Also to get more stories like this one do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).


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