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Story of Romila Chitturi –Writer, Awards Winning Blogger and Author.

We at Geek Post, not just try to share news about latest technology happenings or startup stories
of upcoming entrepreneurs. But we also focus at bringing inspiring people at our blog and try to
share their story. And today we are going to share a story of awards winning Blogger who is a
self published Author of two e-books named Romila Chitturi.

Romila Chitturi

The Delhi born, Hyderabad settled Romila Chitturi who prefers her Coffee hot, is a strong, independent
and self-driven woman who chose to follow her heart of being a Writer. At the age of 13 in the
year of 1996, when the buzz around writing for internet had not arrived to the world, Romila Chitturi
managed to write for local magazines and newspapers. It was 2004, the year when with a
curiosity and thought of sharing her own opinions, she started her journey as blogger on Rediff
platform, since then to at present she has not just gained 14 years of blogging experience but on
the go Romila Chitturi managed to publish articles on various online and offline platforms, such as DeshVidesh, Merinews, Civilserviceindia, Eternal Solutions Magazine,, and
Youth 24× Today she is a Writer, Editor, Research Analyst, Blogger, and Book Reviewer
with 10 years of experience in online journalism and has not stopped writing from the last 21
years. You can check her writings at

Talking about her successes, Romila’s blog has won numerous blogging contests and awards. In
2016 she was one of the four heads managing the AtoZ Blogging challenge in India through
Blogchatter community. She is a Goodreads author, and in June 2017 her blog got listed in’s Top blogs of 2017.

With her 2 nd ebook – The Three Flowers, she has turned into a poetess who provokes opinions for
a deeper likeness in the reader through her words. I recommend you to read her Micro Poems for
yourself, and find, as I did, a diverse way of looking at definite words, approach and knowledge.
She grew up in 80’s in Delhi and her childhood remains very special. She was the most active
kid of her locality and her activeness can be seen in her Social media activities (she is famous for
her wittiness which is completely unapologetic – Follow her on Twitter for your daily dose of
practicality packed in humor).

She has been a topper academically apart from being the best in music, sports, debates,
elocutions and quizzes. She is the go-to person for many bloggers who find themselves on the
crossroads of writing and blogging. When I asked her about her inspiration, she said – ‘I inspire
myself. We all came in this world with a blueprint and each person is different but connected
with other souls through dots. I don’t believe in molding myself according to other’s standard. I
am and I will remain original’. My experience with her has been one of the most joyful
interactions with her constant laughter and hilarity.

You can follow her on twitter at @Romspeaks and Goodreads. You can also buy her book on So what do you think about this? Comment down your views and suggestions. Also to get more interesting stories on your timeline do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).

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24 Thoughts to “Story of Romila Chitturi –Writer, Awards Winning Blogger and Author.”

  1. Romila

    Thank you Nayan for featuring me in your website. It was fab interacting with you.

  2. K

    I have known her for almost 2 decades now. She is one of the best person by heart also. Always helping the budding writers and bloggers, encouraging them and very passionate about others success.
    Loved this article and I am proud to say I know her.

  3. Mandeep Kapoor


  4. Romil Kapoor

    Good going Romila. More power and accolades await you in the future.
    Keep it up

  5. Raman

    She is amazing writer as well as great human being. I know her from last two years. It’s always pleasure to interact with her. God bless her.

  6. Obsessivemom

    Such amazing credentials! I enjoy her twitter handle.

  7. anupriya

    she is one person I’ve looked forward to since i started blogging last year. really inspiring.

  8. Dr Amandeep Singh

    Dear romila.. wow is the first word that comes to my mind

    .hard work perseverance dedication paid off..u blogged day and night to reach this pinnacle..
    Hats off to U keep scaling new heights

  9. Shraesta

    She has been my inspiration to jump into the world of blogging. Keep on inspiring with your writings. This is Great article through which I have knew more about blogging queen Romila.
    My wishes to her.

  10. Dixita

    She is surely blogging queen

  11. Neha

    Great going Romila! Wishing you many more milestones in your blogging journey

  12. Manoj Sareen

    Dr.Romila aka Dr.Sahiba..Knows the art of connecting with her readers & she makes sure to weave it around each & every individual she comes across.Always on top of her Game,she knows where to reach & always firm for the path she adopts…She is having the charm to add on a face value to her writing as it connects more readers.And above all she is a Cheetah Kinda blogger ..covers it all & never shy to express her heart yet keep it simple. My Best Wishes for more Glory to this gorgeous lady.

  13. Shamik

    Great post. Romilaa is a blogging queen and a Twitter celebrity. She is a very helpful and friendly person and always of help when you need.

  14. virag

    Wonderful inspirational one… As always Romila ji is conveying message in any story more than the writing and inspiring others too…success you ahead much

  15. TheGenerals Daughter

    Congratulations! This is wonderful. Hard work, passion and persistence always shines through. Well deserved.

  16. Vipul

    Amazing.. U will surely inspire many.. Good going.. Keep it up

  17. Kiran

    Rom you’re doing amazing at your job! I didn’t know your story, you’ve been writing since 21yrs?!!! I hardly could play with my dinky cars at that age! All the best for future endeavours!

  18. Rishi

    Hey romilla 🙂 we knew about your talents..but you are amazing blogger..nd keep on rocking like this..

  19. Gayatri Gadre

    Very good post Romila, with every encounter I am discovering more of your qualities. So good to know you personally

  20. Yuvi

    One of the best Indian bloggers in the circuit. Well done Romila

  21. Atulmaharaj

    Romspeaks is a wonderful person on and off the Internet. She is very interactive and so are her posts. Great interview ji.

  22. Vasantha Vivek

    Wow ……. fantastic …….. awesome ……. what words could suit better to appreciate you ……. I’m finding no words opt for you dear, Roms…… She’s a bubbly personality in her appearance, writing and more friendly too ……. she encourages and helps many budding bloggers like me ….. I’m really proud to be her friend …… Thanks for sharing this post to know more about her …….

  23. Shruti

    You’re a wonderful writer & blogger ..Keep inspiring us with your work 🙂

  24. MohhMaya

    She is a good writer, may be better editor but the little I know her she is a great human being.

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