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We at GeekPost always try to bring up entrepreneur stories and that is why we have a dedicated section called TechTalks. Where we do interview various bloggers and tech YouTubers but today we are sharing a story of an Entrepreneur and his product called indibeam.

Around three years ago, Four guys Rahul Prajapati ,Abhishek Jungi, Jignesh Patel, and Hiren Brahmbhatt right after their exams, met and were discussing work and career over a cup of coffee. It was during that discussion that they realized there was a shortage of experienced content writers in India. They also experienced the fact that in India there is talent but people do not get enough opportunities to showcase the talent. The thought was “Not every great writer is an internet savvy“. They realized that if people join online blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress, they don’t really know how to promote their blogs and reach out to the right people. And that’s where the idea was started. After discussing over their idea they purchased a domain and took a break of three years before they really get into this world of startups and entrepreneurship. Three years later, on June 01, 2017 they launched their website called

Indibeam started with an objective to provide a platform to talented writers and story-tellers to
express themselves as well as brush up their skills and at the same time providing readers with the
entertainment or knowledge they are looking for. Also, a platform for companies to find the
talent that they are looking for. Plus Indibeam will serve as a launch pad to beginners in writing. The writers who publish their work on Indibeam will get a chance to reach out to an audience almost immediately. Their reactions on the posts will keep the writer motivated. It will become easier for business owners to spot talent and give them the opportunities they deserve.

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And if you are looking for an easy platform to showcase your writings Indibeam is definitely a recommended option. You can also connect with one of the Indibeam founder Rahul Prajpati on twitter.

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