How To Start a YouTube Channel – Here’s A Quick Guide.

how to start a youtube channel

If you are one of those person who is planning to come up with a YouTube channel and really don’t know how to start one. Then here is something for you, in this article I will be sharing a simple guide on How To Start a YouTube Channel.

how to start a youtube channel

But before you really star reading further make sure you have an idea for your YouTube channel, in your videos you can sing music, you can explain techs, or it can be vlogging or maybe some tutorial videos but the at first you need to have an Idea so you can start one, else there is no meaning of reading further.

After the idea next step should be getting the required stuffs like a camera or video editor or a mike. But one of the main requirement is the camera. The camera can be a smartphone camera or can be a DSLR and in case if you have an iPhone you don’t really need a camera to start your channel. However if you wanna go for a DSLR then we you can pick up the Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera the camera comes with 18-55mm ISII Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case and one of the best camera for starters. And don’t forget to get a tripod, it will help you to get steadiness in your videos. In case you are planning to start a gaming channel then get yourself a decent webcam it would done the work, you can even start a gaming channel without using a camera.

The next step is to get a mike, no matter what your channel is about you need to get a mike, if you are planning to sing or do commentary  in your videos you need to get a mike there are different type of mikes for every individual tasks. For vlogging you can go for a Mini Collar Microphone, for singing or commentary you can pick the Generic 57000928MG Silica Gel Professional Condenser Microphone.

How To Start a YouTube Channel

After the camera and mike its time to choose a video editing application, for video editing you can choose the Wondershare Filmora editing with Filmora is so simple, and you can do a lot of things just by dropping filters so for begginers the fimora would be a decent choice. Or you can go for HitFilm the editor comes with lots of effects and a bit complicated too.

And the final step  is to record your videos, edit them and upload them on YouTube. So what do you think about this guide on How To Start a YouTube Channel? comment down your views also to get more updates like this one do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).

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