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We are living in a world of technology where most of our personal data is stored on our smartphone. However we are also know this fact that our smartphone can be accessed by anyone when we are not with our smartphone. And here comes the question “Have you ever thought about your smartphone security ?” If you did not then read on. In this article I will be  mentioning about an android app that take cares of your privacy. Hexlock is an app locker  that secure your device in a smart way. Most of the android devices don’t let your protect your files and private messages and if you are one of those android user who is conscious about the privacy then the Hexlock app is for you.

The app does the following jobs : 

  • Lock WhatsApp, Emails and SMS. Keep your messaging safe.
  • Secure Pictures and Videos in the Media Vault. Hide private files.
  • Protect yourself from intruders. Lock your Games.
  • Lock your Gallery and Photos. Keep your Privacy.
  • Protect your Social Network apps. Secure your Kik and Facebook app.
  • Lock your Systems. Control your own Wi-Fi, Settings, etc.
  • TRACK SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY See who tried to unlock your apps and photos in the Security Log.

So before you start using the app, go and download the app. The app is available on Google Play store or you can download the app by clicking here  :

Download Now

After downloading and installing the Hexlock app all you will see a screen like this :


Here you have to choose a pass-code, the pass-code can be a PIN, it can be a Pattern as well as the app supports finger print scanner. So go and set up your pass-code by choosing any of the option. In my case I have chosen the finger print and pattern lock as my pass-code. Now, tap on “Start Locking Apps” and Choose the apps that you want to protect.

That’s it, we are done. So what do you think about this? If you find this useful do share it on social sites. Also to get more technology updates on your timeline like this one then do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).

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