Thinking About The Cost Of Creating A Blog In India ? Here’s A Guide.

Cost Of Creating A Blog In India

If you are reading these piece of article, then you may belong to one of those people who is planning to start a WordPress blog in near future or you are just curious to know about the cost of creating a blog in India.

There are several websites on the Internet who offers reliable web hosting service and most of the famous bloggers whom I know also suggest those big yet reliable  companies. But the rates that they provide is not affordable for every beginner. Even if you according their guide it will cost you around 50$ to 60$ to setup a self hosted WordPress blog. Now someone who don’t really have or want to spend 50$ to 60$ to get a WordPress blog what they will do ? Most of the times they drop the idea of getting a self-hosted blog.

But dropping an idea is not something we would appreciate so we at Geek Post thought of helping new bloggers and made a list of minimum requirements and expenses that we need to setup a WordPress blog. However, after a year when you will get good knowledge and skills from your one year journey as a blogger, we would recommend you to shift to some reliable hosting providers, such as Bluehost or Hostgator.

Cost Of Creating A Blog In India

The Total Cost Of Creating A Blog In India :

Well if you will follow our article then you don’t have to pay much for your self-hosted blog. Even getting a self-hosted blog is less than you think. However, in this article we will just mention the required services that we need to buy for our WordPress blog, This article will not focus on extra services like, WordPress setup costs or buying a decent theme for your newly launched blog. But if you work hard a little more then setting up a WordPress blog is not that hard, it is easier than you think. Talking about the theme, there are so many websites that provides free theme for your blog, however here is an article you may like to check :

So let’s start with the guide, So before you really start looking for a WordPress theme all you need is a Domain, An address for your website. And it cost really really low for the first year. Companies like Godaddy or Bigrock offers Rs.99 domain for the first year so buying a domain is not costing you much. So just go to one of these site buy a domain and you are done.

Cost Of Creating A Blog In India

Now after getting a domain the next very step is to get a web hosting for your WordPress blog, well there are so many providers who offers really really great service. But since we are talking about a cheap solution yet reliable I would recommend you using Blue Geek Hosting, according to my personal experience I have hosted more than five websites with them and all of them are running smoothly.

Cost Of Creating A Blog In India

The company offers 99.9% up time at an affordable price and there customer support is also pretty amazing. Blue Geek Hosting pricing starts at Rs.240 per year, and at Rs.240 you basically get 1GB of storage, 5 Email Accounts, One click WordPress install and 20GB of bandwidth as well as so many other options. According to me this is the best web hosting provider at their price segment. However for your hosted blog we would recommend you to get the Rs.30 per month plan. The plan comes with 2GB of SSD web space and 30GB of bandwidth. The plan also offers you 15 email address. The hosting plan also comes with a cpanel and one click WordPress installation.  So if you are looking for a cheap solution you must check it out.

Here you can see Vapourhost Review which is yet another most reliable hosting company.


After purchasing domain and Web Hosting you are done, however if you are buying domain and web hosting from two different companies then you have to update the name servers in your domain settings, but it’s not as scary as it sounds. So coming to the answer of our question Cost Of Creating A Blog In India is Domain Cost + Web Host = Actual cost, Rs.99+Rs.360 = Rs.459. So creating a blog is not really costly you just have to pay 500 or less.

In case you want our help to setup your WordPress blog, we will be happy to help you out. Just drop a mail at and we will assist you as soon as we can. So what do you think about our cost of creating a blog in India article? comment bellow and let us know. Also to get more technology updates on your timeline like this one then do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).

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  1. Hello,
    I have started blogging myself. I am trying to find out the basic problems that my blog is having and looking for solutions. Also, I’m searching for some basic things like themes and other stuff.
    I have read your whole article, I am looking forward to getting a positive result after performing this myself.
    Can you suggest me any basic idea that I might need in the future as a new blogger?
    Thank you

    • Hi Jamie, On the monetisation front I can suggest you as I have myself struggled to generate revenues, you can try out: this will give you the initial kick that you need to get started after generating some revenues you should reinvest in FB ads to attract more audience as FB ads are check you can use the rinse & repeat methodology.
      Let me know if it helps!

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