GlobeHost Review- The Cheap Web Hosting Solution.

globehost review

If you are reading this piece of article then I can probably assume that you are looking for a cheap web hosting solution. And its okay to spend less money on it while setting up your first time. I see many people out there recommending others to use a good web hosting company but getting a good hosting at a cheap price is not that easy. However Globehost works pretty well in this case, if you are looking for a cheap web hosting solution you should definitely try out Globehost. But before you really go and try them here is a Globehost review to help you out.

Globehost Review : The Cheap Web Hosting Solution :

A few years back when I was setting up my first website I did not want to spend much on a hosting because I did not know at that time what actually a web hosting is. And after a couple of hours of Google search I landed up on the Globehost website. And instantly I made my mind of purchasing their plan because it was cheap I did not case about reliable service. And since I made my first purchase from them I created multiple sites and hosted them on Globehost. And after trying their service for couple of years I finally thought of writing a Globehost review so here I go :

Let’s Talk About The Pros :

  • First of all, Globehost price. Their shared web hosting plans starting price is Rs249/year. And offers 250MB of storage. The second yearly plan is at Rs.599 which offers 2GB of storage. And the third one is Rs.999/year which offers 5GB of storage and the last one is Rs.1999 plan which offers unlimited storage.
  • Globehost not just one of the cheapest web hosting solution but also offers 99.9% up time and believe me they really mean it. Geek Post was hosted on them and till the time I was using their service I have not faced any down time. So if you are worrying about down time then with globehost you should not have to worry about it.
  • Globehost offers 30 days money back guarantee that means if you buy their service and don’t like it you will always have the chance to ask for refund. So just give them a try use their service for like 30 days and satisfy yourself else move to some other hosting company.

Let’s Talk About The Cons :

  • When I was started Geek Post I started with globehost but no more, and the first reason is that they just provides cheap web hosting plans and not SSD storage. At the other hand there is Vapour host a company that is as cheap as Globehost and provides SSD storage and a free SSL too. With Globehost you don’t get a free SSL or SSD storage.
  • Their customer support is not so good. Many people told me that they are not really satisfied with the customer support however till now I have not faced any such issues.

Apart from the pros and cons, Globehost also offers one click wordpress install so in case if you are planning to start a wordpress blog and running out of money you should definately check them out. Also make sure you are checking Vapour host out, Vapour host is a web hosting company with zero cons.

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Here you can see Vapourhost Review which is yet another most reliable hosting company.

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