Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 The 2018 Guide.

Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000

For most of us, it is a dream to have a gaming machine. And making the dream computer on a low budget can be very very difficult so we at GeekPost made a list of components and created Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000.So lets’ get started:

Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 The 2017 Guide:


Let’s start with the cabinet at first. For Gaming PC Build Under Rs 30000 , the ideal cabinet would be the one that comes with good cable management and a great design to install more than one hard disk drive and other components.

So we have chosen the BBC HEAVY GAMING CABINET WITH 1* 3.0 USB WITHOUT POWER SUPPLYThe cabinet comes with enough space for hard disk and SSD drives. The cabinet is priced at Rs. 1,599. Coming to the specification the cabinet comes with a USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 Port. However, if you don’t like the gaming cabinet suggestion. Well then you can also check the Gaming Cabinet Under 5000 list.

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Hard Disk Drive:

Make sure that you’re going to pick up a 1 TB hard disk drive.

Today’s generation games like GTA V, GTA 4, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 4, Crysis 3 takes quite a lot of space so it would be better if you choose a 1 TB hard disk Drive. So for our gaming machine under 30,000 budget we have picked up the WD Blue Desktop 1TB Internal Hard Drive priced at Rs. 3,622.

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For our gaming machine under 30,000 budget we have chosen the Samsung S19F350HNW 47cm LED Monitor.

The Monitor comes with a screen size of 18.5″ and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Sadly there’s no HDMI port, the primary connectivity option is VGA. The Samsung monitor is priced at Rs.5,053.

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Now coming to the main part, this part will tell you about graphics the card, CPU, RAM, and motherboard.


For CPU we have picked up the AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300 3.8GHz Processor.

To be honest, the processor is really good for gaming, But since we are making a gaming machine under 30000 we have no other choice. Coming to the specification the AMD FX 4 Core Black edition supports DDR3 SD RAM, and have a processor speed of 3.8 GHz. The CPU is priced at Rs. 5,980.00.

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Coming to the motherboard, we picked have picked up the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX Motherboard priced at Rs.4,948.00.

Now coming to the specification of the motherboard, The Gigabyte motherboard comes with 4 2.0 USB ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. The motherboard also includes an HDMI port. At a 30000 price, the board is highly recommended.

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8GB ram is the minimum recommendation for any gaming machine. And that is why we have picked up the HyperX FURY Memory – 8GB Module – DDR3 1866MHz CL10 DIMM RAM. Priced at Rs.4,145.00.

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Now coming to the main part. Choosing the right graphics card at a budget of 3000 was a really hard task. However, we have chosen the perfect graphics card that fits in our budget. We have picked up the Gigabyte GeForce GV-N710D3-2GL 2GB PCI-Express Graphics Card. 

The graphics card is priced at Rs.2900. Coming to the specification the Gigabyte graphics card supports two monitors and have DVI-D (dual link), VGA, HDMI interface. The graphics card video memory clock speed is 1.8GHz and perfect at our budget.

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Power Supply:

For the power supply we have picked up the Corsair VS Series VS450 – 450 Watt SMPS priced at Rs.2,605.00.

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SO let’s have a quick look at the price table :

  • Cabinet :                   Rs. 1,599
  • Hard Disk Drive :       Rs. 3,622
  • Monitor :                    Rs.5,053
  • CPU :                          Rs. 5,980
  • Motherboard :           Rs.4,948
  • RAM :                         Rs.4,145
  • GRAPHICS CARD :     Rs.2900
  • Power Supply :          Rs.2,605
  • Total =                       30,852


So what do you think about this? If you have any question or suggestion do comment bellow also to get more updates like this one do for money. Hope you have liked our explanation, to get more explanations like this do like this do like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter(Geekpost_in).


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