Are We Really Safe From The Ransomware Attack ? Think Again.

ransomware attack

Cyber criminals getting smarter day by day and here is the questions are we really safe from them?. Recently on May 12, 2017 the whole world experienced the biggest ransomware attack. A malicious code that locks a computer and ask for some some payment to unlock the computer.

Apart from the recent Ransomware attack every year people around the globe do face such incidents millions of times. Thanks to attacks like Locky, Cerber, CryptoLocker, CryptoWall which makes millions each and every year.

Some people even do believe that they are really safe from the cyber attacks because they have installed firewalls and antivirus on their systems. But believe you me not always antivirus  applications protect us from the cyber attacks.

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Even there is a myth that the cloud backups are safe from the cyber attacks. But not really. Of course Backups are really a necessary part to dodge from cyber attacks and but the question is how often you take a backup of your system? Most of the times we don’t take a backup of our system and we end up facing a cyber attack.

Even keeping a backup of your system won’t  really help you to dodge a cyber attack. Many IT companies that offers cloud backup are not really testing their restoration capabilities as often as they should. Their software can be too old. So if you are trusting a non reliable company with your backups then you should think for a better option as soon as possible.

Most companies don’t even review that of the system was completely backed up or not. The cloud storage providers companies should focus on this thing at least, Like each morning a person would check the systems and make sure the system is completely backed up. In addition the companies should also check the recovery capabilities every day and make sure that they would be able to restore your complete system and not just a few files.

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In addition do find a guard for yourself against ransomware attacks. Find a system that tracks all the known ransomware so that each one can be screened and blocked. Additionally, also install a software that locks down a user account which trying to encrypt files and make changes to the file server. Also just to be sure have a system that can copy and store your most up-to-date files out of reach of an hacker—and that allows you to recover the data quickly once an attack is prevented.

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