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Youtube is the next big trend in our country, especially the arrival of Jio has taken things to another level.You can literally find anything on Youtube, we at Geek post are interviewing people who made a mark on the internet with their Youtube channel or blog.This week we caught up with Anubhav Roy aka The Android Guru, his Youtube channel has 85k+ subscribers at the time we did this interview.

Let’s find out how  Anubhav Roy became The Android Guru

Q.1 Tell us about yourself

Anubhav –  I’m an 18-year-old tech enthusiast/YouTuber living in Kolkata, West Bengal.Since my childhood had a knack for video games and technology in general that gradually led to the creation of this YouTube channel on a casual Sunday afternoon that now has over 86000+ subscribers.Except being on the top of my tech game, I do enjoy learning about photography/editing and watching other content creators out there.

Q. 2    How do you came up with the name “The Android Guru”

Anubhav –  Haha, it wasn’t really something professional or anything but I needed a name/tagline for my videos and this name suddenly popped up in my head and I just went with it and well today, my viewers address me by that name more than my actual name.

Q. 3  Where do you see your channel at the end of 2017?

Anubhav – Looking at the growth rate right now,200k would be a safe bet, however in the realm of YouTube one can’t really tell as things can change overnight.Personally, I’m more pumped about reaching the 100k threshold in the months to come and hold that gorgeous silver play button, so we’ll see, hopefully the growth rate will change for the better.

Q.4 . Why don’t you do videos in Hindi, do you think Hindi videos gets more views than English?

Anubhav – I’ve been approached a couple of times with this question and while one can say that making videos in Hindi would get me more views but personally, I feel that it is my english that makes me stand out in the realm of other Indian tech Youtubers and sorts.Moreover, making videos in Hindi would restrict the spread of my content to only India and I would not like to do that.So, as far as I am concerned, English videos all the way  and to those curious, I have no plans of making Hindi videos whatsoever in the near future.

Q.5 How do you manage school/college and Youtube together?

Anubhav –  You really have to balance both of them out and it’s really not that hard.You plan out a schedule and stick to it.It gets difficult sometimes, for example during exams I barely get time to upload but then again, you have to make it work if you love doing it and well, that’s what I do.

Q.6 Your favourite Youtuber?

Anubhav – Peter McKinnon, hands down.Dude is outright brilliant.

Q.7   What do you think about the impact of Jio on Youtube?

Anubhav –  It has definitely led huge traffic towards content viewership on YouTube and many channels have made use of that by making videos on Jio itself and getting millions and millions of views.However, it has in some way put more number of people on the internet and that is definitely useful for all content creators including myself.

Q.8  Do you think it’s worth starting a Tech related Youtube Channel in 2017? Considering that we have so many Tech related channels now

Anubhav – If you have the patience and passion towards it, no number of channels should stop you from doing it.Even when I started there were a lot of tech channels but I started anyway and well look where we are today.So my advice on this would be to just do it.(Shea Labeouf pun intented)

Q.9  Do you think 10 years down the line Youtube will be as big as TV?

Anubhav – Can’t really say much about it but the content creators will definitely be similar to TV stars and likewise, especially in India since it’s growth rate is tremendous,

Q. 10 When are we gonna see you walking the Red Carpet at Youtube Fan Fest ?

Anubhav – Hopefully, next year!

Q.11  You focus more on getting the most out of your gadget videos (Tips and Tricks) rather than reviews and all , why so?

Anubhav –  It really translates to those days when I started and not really had a lot of money to get my hands on the latest and greatest but focused more on what I already had and made the most out of it.That was the primary way this channel grew and essentially how it progressed.

Q.12  What equipment’s do you use for recording the videos and what software do you use for editing them?

Anubhav – Currently I use the Nikon D3200 along with a 35mm prime lens and the standard 18-55mm kit lens along withe the Zoom H1 for audio.For editing, I use the Adobe Suite(Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro)

P.S. It’s not the gear that matters, but how you use it!

Q.13 Recently there was a lot of fuss about Paid Videos and Biased reviews on YouTube , what do you think about the same?

Anubhav –  Unless you’re a big youtuber, Adsense does not pay enough to the majority of growing content creators. Sponsorships are a part of a creator’s income and unless the object being sponsored is detrimental to the viewers, I see no harm in doing them.

Q.14 How easy is it to get a review unit? Tell us about the first review unit you got

Anubhav – It’s easy when you are not constantly after it.You have to stay patient unless companies approach you to review their products.My first review unit was this bluetooth game controller for android, the gamesir g3s and I still remember how happy I was when I got it.

Q.15 An word of advice for upcoming Youtubers?

Anubhav – Just keep uploading and post good quality content, views and subscribers will be forced to come.Also, don’t compare yourself to anyone, keep doing your thing and wait for success to kick in.

Q.16 A suggestion for Geekpost ?

Anubhav – You guys seem to be a doing a pretty great job already!Keep working hard and a big thankyou for having me here


Anubhav Roy

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