Improve Redmi Note 4 Camera Quality using Best Camera App Cyanogen Camera

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Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 4 in India on 19th Jan 2017. The phone has already sold 1M+ units, to in case you’re looking for a phone under 15k we would like to suggest the latest Xiaomi Device Redmi Note 4, it’s hands down one of the best phones at its price segment. But the only con about the phone is the poor Note 4 camera quality. And this issue is not just Note 4 specific the same issue is found on every Redmi Phone.

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Redmi Note 4  has a 13MP camera which does a good job in outdoors but when it comes to indoor lighting condition the camera is just average, being a Redmi Note 4 user myself I feel Xiaomi should do something about the Note 4 camera, though no major improvements to the camera are possible via software update if there can be few minor improvement the camera will at least be able to take good shots if not decent ones.  While trying some third party camera apps I found out that there’s a way to improve phones camera quality.

Want to Improve your Note 4 camera quality? Then you’re at the right place.

I found out that the default camera application is not able to utilize the full potential of the Phones camera, therefore, we tried using several other apps and found out that if you use the Cyanogen camera, the camera performance is improved. You can check the improvement in performance via having a look at the sample shot

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Redmi Note 4 Camera sample

In order to get the Cyanogen Camera apk all you have to do is click on the download button below and download the apk once downloaded simply install and you’re ready to click pictures like a pro via your phone without spending a penny.

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  1. I have installed in my Redmi note 4 .It’s more better and have less blur in outdoor condition.In indoor there is still some noise in it.But I liked the app very much

  2. I recommend you all guys to download the older version of this app it will not crash then !!but slow motion mode didn’t work it will crash again if you try to capture slow motion videos

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