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Welcome to anther episode of Tech Talk where we interview people. And in today’s tech talk episode we will be sharing our recent talk with Belal Khan the founder of a blog that teach people how to code Android Applications.

Introduction of  Coding Expert:

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Name : Belal Khan

Website :



1.Tell us about yourself. 

Belal – I am Belal Khan, a 23 year old guy from Ranchi, Jharkhand. I am pursuing Masters in Computer Applications from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi.

2. How Simplified coding was started?
Belal – I purchased the domain in July 2014, when I was in the final year of my graduation. I was an absolute newbie. I just purchased the domain thinking about I will post something related to my courses as I was a little good at programming related stuffs in my class.
I started it on blogger, then I heard that GoDaddy giving an offer to get the web-hosting for Rupees 720 for an year. I purchased it as everywhere I was seeing that I should use a self hosted wordpress (But really it isn’t necessary). At that time my website was not getting any traffic and I had 0 knowledge about SEO. But whatever I was learning in the classes I was writing them into this site.
After some months I faced an attack in my site it was Dos attack. I was not aware about it but while learning how to recover with it I lost the whole site. 😛 Then I left this blogging for almost an year and I started working in a private institution as a faculty member. I was frustrated with the JOB and after an year I left the JOB and started Simplified Coding again. I was aware about my past mistakes and that helped me a lot.

3. Is blogging really profitable ?
Belal – For me it is profitable, and yes it can be profitable for everyone else too, but it depends I believe the key factor is consistency and patience. If you can provide quality you will surely make good profits.
Now, for me blogging is like I can think about it as my career option.

4. Three things to follow before leaning Android studio ?
Belal – The first and very obvious thing is learning JAVA
Second thing is learn about the databases, learn SQL
Lastly try observe the application you use, how this is working. Try to understand the internal working of the apps you use.

5. Blogging or Coding what is best according to you?
Belal – For me both are best. Now I owns number of websites, I do freelancing projects, I teach and consult online but all these things happened because I created a good online brand with my blog. So can say blogging is the base for me.

6. The sites you follow to learn code?
Belal – Whenever I faces some problems I search on google so there isn’t any particular site that I can name but Stackoverflow is helping me since I started coding as google searches always take me to stackoverflow first. Other than this I love TutorialsPoint and Youtube videos of Derek Banas about android. But I would say just google it and you will surely find the solution.

7. It is okay if someone wants to be full time blogger ?
Belal – Yeah it is definitely OK. The best thing about is you can work on your own terms. As I was doing a JOB and it was really frustrating for me.
8. Any suggestion you want to give to
Belal – I explored your blog when you asked me for interview. And you guys are doing really well. The best thing is you are spreading awareness. As majority of us having the old mindset that college and academic is everything and they don’t have any scope out of it. I would say that keep writing things that will aware peoples about the ocean of opportunities in internet.


Thank you Belal Khan For agreeing up for the interview. We wish you luck for your upcoming projects. You can connect with Belal Khan on &


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